About Us

A life long interest in personal and professional photography, led to a career in capturing images and teaching photography.  Documenting the natural beauty of the American landscape and the beauty of people in all walks of life has become a passion. 

Sharing our knowledge of photography is another passion.  We organized two groups of photographers:  In the first group, we have over 200 photographers  interested in learning how to use a professional studio, work with professional models and the possibly starting their own photography businesses.  We organize photoshoots in the studio with three to four photographers at a shoot and an instructor/facilitator.  www.meetup.com/columbus-studio-photography is the website where you can join the group and sign up for upcoming shoots.

The second group has over 400 photographers interested in improving their skills at the beginner to the intermediate level, and we use a combination of classroom and field work to convey the information.  As part of this group we also teach Adobe Lightroom from beginner to advanced levels as well as basic Adobe Photoshop.  www.meetup.com/Beginning-and-Intermediate-Photography/ is the website for this group.

We look forward to working with you, or having you in one of our classes,

Jim Mitchell


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